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Global Labour Research Centre
Lives Outside the Lines: a Symposium in Honour of Marlene Kadar
SWORD Deposit
  • The (Un)Making of the Working Class in Karachi (Pakistan), 1980s–2010s 

    Mallick, Ayyaz (2020-08)
    Ayyaz Mallick (Environmental Studies) summarizes his dissertation which aimed to understand the decline of Karachi, Pakistan’s vibrant labour movement and the proliferation of exclusivist ethnic politics in the post-1970s ...
  • Dis-orienting Polyamory: Preserving Poly's Transformative Potential 

    Liane Celine Marie Cheshire (2020-08-11)
    Drawing on the narratives of 21 people practicing polyamory in the city of Guelph, ON, this study explores how participants define and conceptualize polyamory, in general, and in relation to their self-concept. Drawing on ...
  • Online Information for Caregivers of Adolescents with Autism 

    Nili Pervin (2020-08-11)
    Many adolescents with autism live at home with their immediate family. Family members, usually the mother, are often the caregivers of these adolescents. These families are present in all levels of society. Many find their ...
  • MakerMinds: An exploration of making and mindfulness pedagogies 

    Joanne Edmundson Kistruck (2020-08-11)
    In this doctoral research, I explore how making and mindfulness pedagogies interact when carried out in a single curricular intervention (MakerMinds) and, in particular, how making works to engage students in mindfulness ...
  • Observations in Orchestration: John Williams 

    David Emrys Wilson (2020-08-11)
    This thesis presents a composition using orchestral techniques gleaned from an analysis of the scores of film composer John Williams. Areas of focus include melodic and rhythmic support, harmonic choices, conducting ...

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