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Adapting Canadian Work and Workplaces to Respond to Climate Change (ACW)
Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC)
Global Labour Research Centre
Lives Outside the Lines: a Symposium in Honour of Marlene Kadar
SWORD Deposit
Work-Integrated Learning, Accessibility, Accommodation (WILAA)
  • Nature's Past Episode 015: Forestry Education in Canada 

    Kheraj, Sean (Network in Canadian History and Environment, 2010-05-26)
    In 1907, the University of Toronto opened Canada’s first forestry school to undergraduate students. This was the beginning of formal forestry education in Canada and great step forward for the profession. However, the ...
  • Nature's Past Episode 014: Management of the Newfoundland Cod Collapse 

    Kheraj, Sean (Network in Canadian History and Environment, 2010-04-20)
    North American environmental history is punctuated by notorious episodes of species extinctions, most notably the cases of the passenger pigeon and the bison. In both cases, humans exhausted what they believed were unlimited ...
  • Nature's Past Episode 013: New Directions in Urban Environmental History & Abandoned Mines 

    Kheraj, Sean (Network in Canadian History and Environment, 2010-03-03)
    On this episode of the podcast, we feature a preview discussion about a round-table panel for next week’s ASEH meeting called “Urbs in Horto: New Directions in Urban Environmental History”. Matthew Klingle, Ellen Stroud, ...
  • Nature's Past Episode 012: Industrialization in Subarctic Environments 

    Kheraj, Sean (Network in Canadian History and Environment, 2010-01-19)
    Between 1920 and 1960, Canada’s northwest subarctic region experienced late-stage rapid industrialization along its large lakes. These included Lake Winnipeg, Lake Athabasca, Great Slave Lake, and Great Bear Lake. Powered ...
  • Nature's Past Episode 011: Animals, History, and Environment 

    Kheraj, Sean (Network in Canadian History and Environment, 2009-11-22)
    Environmental history is primarily concerned with the relationship between humans and non-human nature, but the study of non-human nature holds a different set of problems and poses a different set of questions when ...

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