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Global Labour Research Centre
Lives Outside the Lines: a Symposium in Honour of Marlene Kadar
SWORD Deposit
  • Integrative Genomics Reveals the Genetics and Evolution of the Honey Bee’s Social Immune System 

    Harpur, Brock; Guarna, Maria Marta; Huxter, Elizabeth; Higo, Heather; Moon, Kyung-Mee; Hoover, Shelley E.; Ibrahim, Abdullah; Melathopoulos, Andony P.; Desai, Suresh; Currie, Robert W.; Pernal, Stephen F.; Foster, Leonard J.; Zayed, Amro (Oxford University Press, 2019)
    Social organisms combat pathogens through individual innate immune responses or through social immunity—behaviors among individuals that limit pathogen transmission within groups. Although we have a relatively detailed ...
  • The Growing Influence of the Courts over the Fate of Refugees. 

    Soennecken, Dagmar (Review of European and Russian Affairs, 2008)
    A number of migration scholars suggest that domestic courts have become the key protective institution for refugees. How can we explain this claim? One prominent explanation identifies group litigation as the key source ...
  • Taking the Harper Government’s Refugee Policy to Court 

    Soennecken, Dagmar; Anderson, Christopher G. (University of Toronto, 2018)
    There is no question that significant changes occurred in Canadian refugee policy under the Conservative government of Stephen Harper during its near ten years in power. Indeed, observers note that virtually no aspect was ...
  • A Note on the Proper Study of Film: A Response to C. B. Hunt 

    Cameron, Evan Wm. (1980)
    A cautionary response, published within the Newsletter of the American Film Institute in November-December 1980, to suggestions to the contrary about the teaching of film and the administration of those doing it made within ...
  • 'The Mind Hears': an Examination of Some Philosophical Perspectives on Musical Experience 

    Bicknell, Jeannette (2000)
    Dissertation by Jeanette Bicknell on the scope and nature of the 'levels of understanding' that determine how we experience music, supervised by EWC and defended in May of 2000, as submitted to the Faculty of Graduate ...

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