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Global Labour Research Centre
Lives Outside the Lines: a Symposium in Honour of Marlene Kadar
SWORD Deposit
  • Papa, what would you take for me 

    Crossley, H. T. (Hugh Thomas) [composer] (Toronto, Ontario : William Briggs, [date of publication not identified], date of pu)
  • Le papillon 

    Lavallée, Calixa [composer]; Sheet Music Collection - York University. (New York : C. Schirmer, 1897., 1897)
  • Parade of the spirits 

    Eckstein, William [composer]; Sheet Music Collection - York University. (Montreal, Canada : William Ecksteint Reg'd., 1930., 1930)
  • Paris-Inn café 

    Rovere, Bert [composer]; Stedman, C. [lyricist]; Flowers, S. R. [graphic artist]; Sheet Music Collection - York University. (United States : Revere & Pedreli, 1932., 1932)
  • Pas de quatre 

    Lutz, Meyer [composer]; Sheet Music Collection - York University. (Toronto, Ontario : I Suckling & Son's, 1892., 1892)

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