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    • All That is Solid: A Celluloid Exploration of Brutalist Architecture 

      Kolcze, Eva (2015-08-28)
      All That Is Solid is an experimental film that investigates Brutalist architecture through the decayed surface of black and white celluloid. The film features three locations: Robarts Library, The University of Toronto ...
    • In Still Time 

      Supnet, Leslie (2016-09-20)
      In Still Time is an experimental animation that investigates the catastrophic image and spectacle through direct animation of still images onto 16mm film. The film uses still images found on the internet from the current ...
    • Return 

      Rotenberg, Aaron Gershon (2015-12-16)
      Return is an experimental documentary framing a search for home amidst displacement. Through personal travel footage, family interviews, archival photography and collected clips from Palestine/Israel, the work interrogates ...

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