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Spectrum of gluelumps containing various qcd colour-multiplet particles

Spectrum of gluelumps containing various qcd colour-multiplet particles

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Title: Spectrum of gluelumps containing various qcd colour-multiplet particles
Author: Marsh, Kristen Alanna
Abstract: As experimental collider physics is able to access higher and higher energies, testable predictions are needed to guide the searches for new Beyond-the-Standard-Model the- ories. Most models predict new coloured particles, and these may form QCD bound states with Standard Model quarks and gluons. In particular, if the coloured parti- cles are from the octet, decuplet, 27-plet, 28-plet or 35-plet representation of SU(3), these colour-singlet bound states may occur just with Standard Model background (gluons and virtual quarks) without any valence quarks. Such states are referred to as gluelumps, and they are the focus of this work. Gluelumps arising from colour-octet particles have been studied previously, both in some analytic approximations as well as directly with lattice quantum chromodynamics, but not to the depth and com- pleteness presented here. Treatments of gluelumps containing larger colour-multiplet particles are novel to this work and represent pioneering research. Group theory foun- dations are laid for the study of all five of these colour representations on the lattice. A full spectrum is presented for octet-rep gluelumps with a detailed discussion of errors. The hierarchy of states agrees well with previous studies, but is much more complete and precise. The spectrum of decuplet gluelumps is also given, as well as preliminary results for the 27-plet and 35-plet. The results found here are published in Ref. [1] and predict clear experimental signatures and can be easily adapted to numerous different theoretic models of Beyond-the-Standard-Model physics.
Type: Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
Rights: Author owns copyright, except where explicitly noted. Please contact the author directly with licensing requests.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/32512

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