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    • Family Portrait 

      Marshall, Elizabeth Diane (2018-05-28)
      Its a rare experience to have lived formative years on a commune and to be the daughter of its leaders. In the late 1960s my parents were at the centre of a Toronto-based communitarian movement of baby boomers. During a ...
    • Modified 

      Giroux, Aube (2019-07-01)
      This support paper elaborates on the process of producing my MFA thesis film Modified, a feature-length, first-person documentary that questions why genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not labeled on food products ...
    • Revolution Moosehide 

      Johnson, Lesley (2019-11-22)
      Revolution Moosehide is a 47-minute documentary that follows Melaw Nakehko, a Dene moosehide tanner, activist, artist and actor, from the Northwest Territories. Nakehkos is an extraordinary journey of cultural resurgence ...

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