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dc.contributor.authorPoplack, Shana
dc.identifier.citationSpanish in the U.S. Setting: Beyond the Southwest; 107-129
dc.description.abstractThis study reviews five papers focusing on Spanish in the United States setting in light of traditional and current research in the field of bilingualism. The author discusses methodological, conceptual, and analytical approaches to language contact, as well as the implications of various research frameworks for the findings. It is suggested that the "sociolinguistic method" can be successfully applied to the study of language contact.
dc.publisherNational Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education, Arlington
dc.subjectLinguistic Change
dc.subjectLanguage Transfer
dc.subjectSpanish -- USA
dc.subjectMinority Language Variation
dc.titleBilingual Competence: Linguistic Interference or Grammatical Intergrity?
dc.typeBook chapter

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