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Back to the Future in Acadian French

Back to the Future in Acadian French

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Title: Back to the Future in Acadian French
Author: King, Ruth
Nadasdi, Terry
Abstract: Abstract - Our article presents a variationist analysis of future verb forms in Acadian French. The main variants considered are the inflected future (e.g. je partirai) and the periphrastic future (e.g. je vais partir). The purpose of this study is two-fold: a) it will determine the distribution of these variants and their linguistic correlates; b) it will compare the use of future verb forms with other varieties of French. Our results reveal that the inflected future is used with greater frequency in Acadian French than in other Canadian varieties and that the factors that condition the variable in Acadian are not the same as in other varieties.

(Received November 2000)
(Revised May 2003)
Subject: French
French -- Prince Edward Island
Sociolinguistic variation
Minority Language Variation
Type: Article
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/2699
Published: Cambridge University Press
Citation: The Journal of French Language studies; 13 (3): 323-337
ISSN: 0959-2695
Date: 2003

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