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Multilinguals' language choice for mental calculation

Multilinguals' language choice for mental calculation

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Title: Multilinguals' language choice for mental calculation
Author: Dewaele, Jean-Marc
Abstract: The present study investigates self-reported language choice for mental calculations
among 1,454 adult multilinguals from a variety of linguistic, social
and ethnic backgrounds. As mental calculation is a complex cognitive
operation involving both language-dependent and language independent
processes, we sought to establish a baseline of first language (L1) or foreign
language(s) (LX) use for mental calculation and identify the factors
that influence multilinguals’ choice of language for mental calculation. A
series of multiple regression analyses on calculation in the L1, L2, L3 and
L4 showed that the following variables (in decreasing order) are the best
predictors of language choice: frequency of general use, self-perceived proficiency
in writing, socialization in the LX, context of acquisition, communicative
and/or foreign language anxiety, perceived usefulness, and age of
onset of acquisition. These variables explained over 40 percent of the variance
in the foreign languages.
Subject: Mental calculation
Language Choice
Type: Article
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/1444
Published: Mouton Publishers
Citation: Intercultural Pragmatics, 4(3): 343-376
ISSN: 1612-295X
Date: 2007

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