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dc.contributor.authorMougeon, Raymond
dc.identifier.citationLanguage in Canada
dc.description.abstractIn this chapter I will examine various measures of the vitality of the francophone minorities living outside Quebec and New Brunswick. These will include information on the availability of French-medium schooling and other kinds of institutional support of French, and statistics on the French mother tongue population- e.g., retention of French at home, use of French in other domains of society, bilingualism in English, birth rate, rate of linguistics reproduction, etc. This examination will lead to an assessment of the chances of short- and longer-term survival of these francophone communities.
dc.publisherCambridge University Press - Copyright holder: Cambridge University Press - Http://
dc.subjectMaintenance of French -- Canada
dc.subjectAnglophone Canada
dc.subjectMinority Language Maintenance
dc.titleFrench outside New Brunswick and Quebec
dc.typeBook chapter

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