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    • Fast and slow dynamics of malaria and the S-gene frequency. 

      Feng, Zhilan; Yi, Yingfei; Zhu, Huaiping (Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations (Springer), 2004)
      A mathematical model incorporating both malaria epidemics and human population genetics of the sickle-cell gene is studied. Singular perturbation techniques are used to separate the dynamics of the model into two time-scales ...
    • Metapopulation Dynamics with Migration and Local Competition 

      Feng, Zhilan; Yi, Yingfei; Zhu, Huaiping (American Mathematical Society, 2003)
      Many patch-based metapopulation models assume that the local population within each patch is at its equilibrium and independent of changes in patch occupancy. We study a metapoulation model which explicitly incorporates ...

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