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dc.contributor.authorWycherley, William
dc.description1. Fisher, Joe. (1972, March 1). Permissive society is not so new. Mirror/Enterprise. [2 copies] 2. McQueen, D.L. A scene from 1972's production of Wycherly's "The Country Wife" [photo][4 copies] 3. Boston, Susan. (1972, February 23). Restoration comedy licentious. Pro Tem. 4. Cowan, Elizabeth. (1972, March 1). 'Country Wife' delights audience. Pro Tem. 5. One mylar case of 20 color negatives.
dc.description.abstractArchival file for the Glendon College production of The Country Wife, directed by Michael Gregory. The play was originally performed in February, 1972.
dc.publisherGlendon College Creative Writing and Dramatic Arts Program
dc.titleThe Country Wife (1972)en

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