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dc.contributor.authorMoghissi, Haideh
dc.identifier.citationHaideh Moghissi, "Away from Home: Iranian Women, Displacement, Cultural Resistance, and Change" Journal of Comparative Family Studies 30.2 (1999): 207-17.
dc.description.abstractThis article discusses the gender character of displacement. Using the example of the Iranian female diaspora, it argues that women's experience of displacement is relatively more positive than that of men, and women, generally, are more prepared and make more efforts to build a home away from home. However, the pressures for cultural resistance against the dominant culture and the institutional racism in the host country may counterbalance the impact of women's positive experiences. Under the banner of 'cultural resistance', patriarchal values and sexist norms are revitalized within the family as well as in the community, and the voices of dissent are muted and dismissed as outside influences.
dc.publisherUniversity of Calgary, Department of Sociology
dc.title"Away from Home: Iranian Women, Displacement, Cultural Resistance, and Change"en

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