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Photographs for Comunidade

Photographs for Comunidade

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Title: Photographs for Comunidade
Author: Marques, Domingos
Identifier: ASC006650
Description: Contact sheet consists of 40 negatives, including; #36, bust with a comical tag, (“I’m dead”); #34-35, a woman at a community function; #25A, wasted shot; #26A-27A, 9A-11, children at a school including dancing practice with ‘traditional’ Portuguese hats; #11A-12A, portraits;# 1A, wasted shot; #1, 2A, craft sculpture of a man and two oxen; #3A, craft sculpture of man with horse and buggy; #4A, craft sculpture; #5A, craft sculpture of woman with horse; #25-28, 5A-14A, beauty pageant photos; #6A-13A, a protest calling for ‘Full Democratic Rights for Immigrants’; #14A-15A, a public lecture.
Subject: Portuguese community
Comunidade : O Jornal Comunitário Português
Type: Photograph
Rights: For further copyright information contact : ascproj@yorku.ca
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/6288
Date: 2010-11-22

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