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To: <bgodard@yorku.ca>, 2008

To: <bgodard@yorku.ca>, 2008

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Title: To: <bgodard@yorku.ca>, 2008
Author: Sourkes, Cheryl
Description: Millions of webcams constantly produce automatic viral images, which disseminate at great speed and disappear almost as soon as they come into existence. These images participate in the economies of the discard - virtual garbage travelling as mini-events or placeholders. The visual layer of To: <bgodard@yorku.ca> originated in an Internet cafe in Rio. The text layer came to me via Barbara Godard. When Barbara learned I was collecting spam she forwarded dozens of messages in various languages. I remain grateful for her involvement.
Type: Video
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/4246
Series: Inspiring Collaborations
Date: 2008

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