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Edgework: Sites of Critical Exchange

Edgework: Sites of Critical Exchange

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Title: Edgework: Sites of Critical Exchange
Author: Andreae, Janice
Description: Edgework consists of Precipice, 1991, Epitaph, 1992, and lesbian leaves, 1999-2001. These works arecollaborative in the sense that I was working out their visual and literary components while I studied with Barbara Godard as a doctoral candidate in English. (Signs of her influence are everywhere.) For example, I participated in her Feminist Literary Theory seminar, French Feminisms, and with her, later prepared for my first field examination, Women Studies in Literature. My paper for French Feminisms, "Reading Julia Kristeva Reading Hans Holbein's Dead Christ," included visual and literary sources and critique just as a paper I prepared earlier for her Semiotics seminar, "Semiotics, Subjectivity and Paterson Ewen's Phenomena Paintings." Barbara encouraged these cross-disciplinary investigations of mine. For the full length description of this work, please see the document titled "Edgework: Sites of Critical Exchange" below.
Type: Video
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/4217
Series: Inspiring Collaborations
Citation: Inspiring Collaborations: In Honour of Barbara Godard, December 2008
Date: 2009

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