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Environmental Resources: Individual Action

Environmental Resources: Individual Action

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Title: Environmental Resources: Individual Action
Author: Duerr, Peter
Wakaruk, Amanda
Abstract: Humanity has always been linked with
nature, including attempts to harness
the environment for survival. Previously,
civilization’s effects on the earth’s
ecosystem, neither insubstantial nor
undamaging, didn’t point to worldwide
environmental collapse. Time may be
running out. Galloping human populations
and accelerating technologies have
wounded the natural world as habitats
are encroached upon or destroyed. No
wonder Canadians are eager to learn
about environmental issues! This column
focuses on gateways providing information
about current practices the general public
(librarians too!) can immediately use to
positively affect their ecological footprint.
Type: Article
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/3970
Published: Ontario Library Association
Citation: OLA ACCESS, Spring 2006 ; OLA ACCESS, Spring 2006
Date: 2006

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