Collection consists of research, scholarship and publications by faculty and graduate students affiliated with the School of Public Policy and Administration.

Recent Submissions

  • Mobilizing European law 

    Conant, Lisa; Hofman, Andreas; Soennecken, Dagmar; Vanhala, Lisa (Journal of European Public Policy, 2018)
    The literature on European legal mobilization asks why individuals, groups and companies go to court and explores the impact of litigation on policy, institutions and the balance of power among actors. Surveying the ...
  • The Growing Influence of the Courts over the Fate of Refugees. 

    Soennecken, Dagmar (Review of European and Russian Affairs, 2008)
    A number of migration scholars suggest that domestic courts have become the key protective institution for refugees. How can we explain this claim? One prominent explanation identifies group litigation as the key source ...
  • Taking the Harper Government’s Refugee Policy to Court 

    Soennecken, Dagmar; Anderson, Christopher G. (University of Toronto, 2018)
    There is no question that significant changes occurred in Canadian refugee policy under the Conservative government of Stephen Harper during its near ten years in power. Indeed, observers note that virtually no aspect was ...
  • An Embedded Systems Perspective in Conceptualizing Canada’s Healthcare Sustainability 

    Tsasis, Peter; Agrawal, Nirupama; Guriel, Natalie (MDPI, 2019)
    Healthcare sustainability has been dominated by a strong fiscal orientation. In an era of budget cuts and staff reductions, the financial challenges in Canadian healthcare are immediate and must be addressed. However, an ...
  • Germany and the Janus Face of Immigration Federalism: Devolution vs. Centralization 

    Soennecken, Dagmar (Springer, 2014-03)
    What challenges and opportunities has federalism held for countries like Germany, one of Europe’s most ‘reluctant’ states of immigration? Although the formal, constitutional division of powers between the German central ...
  • Extending Hospitality? History, Courts and the Executive 

    Soennecken, Dagmar (Studies in Law, Politics and Society, 2013)
    While many consider court involvement in immigration matters a given, in liberal nation-states, there is actually a substantial degree of variation. This chapter revisits two “critical junctures” in the early immigration ...
  • The Managerialization of Refugee Determinations in Canada 

    Soennecken, Dagmar (Droit et Société, 2013)
    Although refugees are protected by a myriad of legal norms, this article shows that the domestic process of determining who is awarded this status has become more and more managerialized, even in a country like Canada, ...
  • The Paradox of Docket Control: Empowering Judges, Frustrating Refugees 

    Soennecken, Dagmar (Law & Policy, 2016-10)
    This article focuses on the gradual expansion of docket control mechanisms in refugee (or asylum) law proceedings in Germany. It shows that granting judges more and more control over their asylum dockets was a central ...
  • Shifting Back and Up: The European Turn in Canadian Refugee Policy 

    Soennecken, Dagmar (Comparative Migration Studies, 2014)
    During the last decade, Canada’s immigration and citizenship policies have been radically transformed. Hardly any aspect has been left untouched. That humanitarian migration has also been restricted and transformed has ...

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