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dc.contributor.advisorElmes, Barry
dc.creatorIannuzzi, Giuseppe
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this thesis is to examine how the pedagogy of Jim Blackley (1927- 2017) the late Scottish-Canadian jazz drummer and educator influenced several generations of Canadian jazz drummers. Blackleys seminal publications such as Syncopated Rolls for the Modern Drummer Vol.1 (1961) and The Essence of Jazz Drumming (2001) disavow the traditional instruction of the snare drum rudiments in favour of playing and interpreting musical lines. Consequently, Blackley inculcated in his students the importance of the drummers ride cymbal acting as the primary means of stating time and providing the accents, punctuations, and phrases so vital to jazz rhythmic accompaniment. Through emphasizing the development of strong time keeping skills, an awareness of song form, the memorization and vocalization of rhythmic figures and phrases, and the significance of listening carefully to the bass line, chord changes and melody when improvising, Blackley instilled in his students the inviolable tenet of playing the drums musically. Using an ethnographic approach culling data from interviews with Blackleys former students such as Terry Clarke, Barry Elmes, Duris Maxwell, and others, this thesis will also explore issues of identity construction and construal examining how Blackleys pedagogy had led his students on an important journey of identity realization.
dc.rightsAuthor owns copyright, except where explicitly noted. Please contact the author directly with licensing requests.
dc.titleZen in the Art of Drumming: Jim Blackley and His Influence on the Jazz Drummers of Canada
dc.typeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation - Master of Arts's
dc.subject.keywordsCanadian jazz history
dc.subject.keywordsdrum set pedagogy
dc.subject.keywordsJim Blackley
dc.subject.keywordsTerry Clarke
dc.subject.keywordsBarry Elmes
dc.subject.keywordsDuris Maxwell
dc.subject.keywordsSam Ulano
dc.subject.keywordsStanley Spector
dc.subject.keywordsJim Chapin
dc.subject.keywordsJake Hanna
dc.subject.keywordsCanadian jazz drummers
dc.subject.keywordsSyncopated Rolls for the Modern Drummer
dc.subject.keywordsThe Essence of Jazz Drumming
dc.subject.keywordsRhythmical Explorations
dc.subject.keywordsVol. 1
dc.subject.keywordsride cymbal
dc.subject.keywordsride cymbal phrasing
dc.subject.keywordsjazz rhythm section accompaniment
dc.subject.keywordsmaster/student relationship
dc.subject.keywordsparticipatory discrepancies in the rhythm section
dc.subject.keywordsthe inner-workings of timekeeping
dc.subject.keywordsslow tempo practice
dc.subject.keywordsidentity construction
dc.subject.keywordsidentity realization
dc.subject.keywordsidentity construal
dc.subject.keywordsElvin Jones
dc.subject.keywordspipe band drumming
dc.subject.keywordsSnowball Self
dc.subject.keywordssocio-cultural symbiosis of learning and identity
dc.subject.keywordsthree-beat figures
dc.subject.keywordsMax Roach
dc.subject.keywordsToronto jazz scene
dc.subject.keywordsVancouver jazz scene
dc.subject.keywordssuperimposition of meters
dc.subject.keywordsBawa Muhaiyaddeen
dc.subject.keywordsJohn Coltrane
dc.subject.keywordsAlan Dawson

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