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Sonification of Flow Instabilities in CFD Aneurysm Models

Sonification of Flow Instabilities in CFD Aneurysm Models

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Title: Sonification of Flow Instabilities in CFD Aneurysm Models
Author: MacDonald, Daniel E.
Natarajan, Thangam
Windeyer, Richard C.
Coppin, Peter W.
Steinman, David A.
Identifier: CSME190
Abstract: Recent investigations using image-based computational flow dynamics (CFD) have revealed turbulent-like blood flow instabilities (hemodynamics) within intracranial cerebral aneurysms and surrounding vasculature, which may contribute to aneurysm initiation, growth, and rupture. We describe a method derived from spectral decomposition of flow for inspecting and characterizing these “turbulent-like” hemodynamic structures in intracranial aneurysms by sonification of CFD generated data. Motivated by auscultation techniques, the current research seeks to address the limitations of conventional CFD animations by allowing the user to listen to complex flow patterns that are often difficult to discern visually. In the process, the proposed method of sonification is successfully applied to a series of datasets resulting from highfidelity numerical simulations of intracranial aneurysms. The resulting framework is shown to be highly efficient in performing parametric sonification in real time.
Subject: Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
Signal processing
Type: Article
Rights: The copyright for the paper content remains with the author
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/35338
Published: CSME-SCGM
ISBN: 978-1-77355-023-7
Date: 2018-05

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