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dc.contributor.authorLubitz, William David
dc.contributor.authorRubie, Bryan
dc.descriptionPaper presented at 2018 Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers International Congress, 27-30 May 2018.
dc.description.abstractContinuous wave photoacoustics has been under investigation for more than a decade. Matched-filtering and pulse compression techniques, which use a chirp waveform as input light source, have been implemented into this imaging modality to improve signal to noise ratio (SNR) and resolution. However, the chirp parameters’ effects on SNR are still not clear. The theory behind chirp parameters’ effects on SNR is discussed in this paper. It is found that in order to get a higher SNR, chirp duration T should be maximized, chirp center frequency ƒₒ should be controlled to make the chirp spectrum overlap with absorber spectrum, and chirp bandwidth Δ should be smaller or equal to the absorber bandwidth.
dc.rightsThe copyright for the paper content with the authors.
dc.subjectEnvironmental Engineeringen_US
dc.subjectWind load
dc.subjectPassing vehicles
dc.titleWind Loads On Cyclists Due To Passing Vehiclesen_US

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