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The Application of Tapping Techniques in Compositions for the Solo Electric Bass

The Application of Tapping Techniques in Compositions for the Solo Electric Bass

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Title: The Application of Tapping Techniques in Compositions for the Solo Electric Bass
Author: Cohen, Joshua Dov
Abstract: This thesis is an investigation into the application of tapping techniques in compositions for the solo electric bass. Through the detailed analysis of seven compositions, an understanding of the technical merit of tapping, when applied to solo electric bass composition, will come to light. The compositions contain multiple examples that show how tapping provides unique solutions to the execution of particular musical material, including; contrapuntal forms, large range discrepancies, high velocity monophonic lines, and many others. The intent of this paper is to provide a resource in which knowledge regarding the limitations and possibilities of the technique can be obtained and empower composers in applying them to their own compositions.
Subject: Music
Keywords: Electric bass
Bass technique
Two-hand tapping
Solo bass
Solo composition
Bass guitar
6-string bass
Solo electric bass
Josh Cohen
Slap bass
Crack bass
Artificial harmonics
Natural harmonics
Polyphonic solo composition
Victor Wooten
Stanley Jordan
Michael Manring
Jazz bass
Solo performance
Hand independence
Extended technique
Chords on bass
Composing for solo bass
Nontraditional bass
Analysis of technique
Right hand fretting
Chapman stick
NS stick
Zander Zon
Bass virtuoso
Virtuosic technique
Jazz counterpoint
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Canadian music
Slap and pop
Strumming on a bass
Writing for solo bass
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Communicating through technique
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Notating tapping techniques
Notating extended techniques
Percussive techniques
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Two-part tapping
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Drumming on a bass
Bass tapping
Bass tapping techniques
Bass tapping book
Composer's guide
Composer's guide to the electric bass
Composer's guide to the bass
Two hand tapping
Polyphonic bass playing
Type: Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
Rights: Author owns copyright, except where explicitly noted. Please contact the author directly with licensing requests.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/32245
Supervisor: Henderson, Alan E.
Degree: MA - Master of Arts
Program: Music
Exam date: 2016-01-25
Publish on: 2016-09-20

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