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My Thesis Film: A Thesis Film by Erik Anderson

My Thesis Film: A Thesis Film by Erik Anderson

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Title: My Thesis Film: A Thesis Film by Erik Anderson
Author: Anderson, Erik
Abstract: My Thesis Film: A thesis film by Erik Anderson is a narrative feature film which recursively explores the authors own journey in arriving at the concept for the thesis film the viewer is watching. As such, the film ultimately acts as its own contextual document, depicting the socio-economic, political, and creative reasoning behind its conception by way of dramatizing the behind-the-scenes life of the author. While the film takes some liberties in this dramatization -including fictionalizing scenes and dialogue, compositing characters, using discretion in veiling others, etc.- it aims to remain an honest depiction of the author in the time and place of its origin. In doing so, the film uses humour to call into question the ideas and ideals which permeate through its character-driven zeitgeist, especially those belonging to the author. And in problematizing the authors struggle to make transcendent personal art, the film ironically threatens to become it.
Subject: Fine arts
Keywords: Film
Film studies
Type: Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
Rights: Author owns copyright, except where explicitly noted. Please contact the author directly with licensing requests.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/32242
Supervisor: Buchbinder, Amnon
Degree: MFA - Master of Fine Arts
Program: Film And Video
Exam date: 2016-02-01
Publish on: 2016-09-20

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