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dc.contributor.authorRudolph, J.
dc.contributor.authorBachmann, K.
dc.identifier.citationJ. Chromatogr., 187, 319-329en
dc.description.abstractGas chromatography was used to determine the adsorption enthalpies and entropies of inorganic chlorides on sslid non-porous adsorhents (silica, alkali metal chlorides, graphite, etc.) at high temperatures (65th1100°K). The results demonstrate that gas chromatography is also a useful method for investigations in the field of inorganic chemistry. The adsorption enthalpies and entropies (or rather, chemisorption enthdpies and entropies) indicate that the adsorption (or chemisorption proCess>i nvolves complex formation between the adsorbed molecules and the adsorbent (coordinative by bonded surface complex).en
dc.titleThe Use of Isothermal Gas Chromatography for the Determination of Adsorptionenthalpies and entropies of Inorganic Halides at High Temperaturesen

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