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dc.contributor.authorAhrens, Wolfgang
dc.identifier.citationProceedings of the 23rd International Congress of Onomastic Sciencesen
dc.description.abstractPrivate minivans have come to be used to augment the public bus transportation system on larger islands or else to provide the only regular transportation on smaller islands. This minivan system has been exported by expatriate Caribbeans to some US towns, such as New York. As well similar systems have developed on other continents, as pointed out in a recent article on South Africa by Bertie Neethling. These minivans have been given names by their owners that are prominently painted on the vehicle or else displayed on the windshield. The names give an insight into local culture and tradition. I will deal mainly with the naming of such vehicles on St. Kitts and Nevis, but make some passing reference to other islands, such as Grenada and Carriacou.en
dc.publisherYork Universityen
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dc.subjectCaribbean Taxi Namesen
dc.subjectMinivan Taxi Namesen
dc.titleNaming of Minivan Taxis Used for Public Transportation in the Caribbeanen
dc.title.alternativeSession Paperen

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