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It’s dangerous to go alone! How about *we* do this!?

It’s dangerous to go alone! How about *we* do this!?

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Title: It’s dangerous to go alone! How about *we* do this!?
Author: Ruest, Nick
Marks, Steve
Stewart, Graham
Taufique, Amaz
Abstract: We’re all worried about preserving digital assets at some level. One of
the most concerning parts of this process is the storage component, and
as new and larger objects and collections come under libraries’ care,
the pressure to find long-term storage solutions is growing. There are a
lot of solutions vying for mind-share — many of them commercial — but
it’s unclear the extent to which these solutions really represent
sustainable alternatives. But what if there were a way for us to do
this? Not “us” you or me, but “us”: you *and* me. What if “us” is all of
us in the country? What does that mean for sustainability, and the
future of trustworthy repositories? If we could do this, what might it
look like? Are there models in place elsewhere that might help inform
what this Canadian solution might look like?

This session will discuss issues around sustainability with a variety of
commercial storage options and compare those with the significant
potentials created by a series of recent, open-source driven,
developments in the hardware and software worlds. We’ll talk about what
software and APIs are available to make a locally created storage
network accessible to your applications, and will demonstrate how you
can build a scalable community cloud storage solution using commodity
hardware that allows for middleware replication, geographic
diversification, object storage using a common API, and remote management.
Subject: cloud storage
open stack
digital preservation
Type: Presentation
Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/26324
Date: 2013-09-29

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