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Priming for Ethnographic Fieldwork: A Selected Bibliography

Priming for Ethnographic Fieldwork: A Selected Bibliography

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Title: Priming for Ethnographic Fieldwork: A Selected Bibliography
Author: Beier, J. Marshall
Abstract: This bibliography has been compiled with two principal aims. First, it is intended to facilitate introduction not only to the literatures on ethnographic research but to the myriad practical and ethical considerations that attach to fieldwork endeavours as well. Secondly, it is hoped that some of these works might contribute to stimulating greater interest in these issues amongst International Relations scholars whose research interests lead them to (re)invest human subjects with ontological significance and to seek through their writing to represent them, their knowledges, and their ways of knowing. In service of these aims it is, to be sure, a most modest step, and should therefore be received more appropriately as a call for greater attention to the problems and promise of ethnographic International Relations scholarship than as anything more than a most prefatory gesture in that direction by itself.
Subject: ethnography
Type: Other
Rights: http://www.yorku.ca/yciss/
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/1383
Published: YCISS
Series: Occasional Paper ; 64
Date: 2001-02

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