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Brief to the Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee

Brief to the Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee

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Title: Brief to the Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee
Author: McQueen, David
Abstract: This essay was written by Professor David McQueen, who had been appointed to the Glendon faculty in 1969 by Principal Escott Reid as full professor and Chair of the Economics Department. He had previously served in Ottawa as assistant chief of research with the Bank of Canada, and as vice-chairman with the Economic Council of Canada. From the 1950s through the 1980s he wrote a number of articles and chapters that ranged over various aspects of economic analysis and public policy. In 1975 he became the third Principal of Glendon College and served in that office until 1980. Professor McQueen wrote this essay in the following year, 1981, as a Brief to be presented to the Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee, which had been established by the federal government in 1980. The final report of this committee in 1982 came to be known as the Applebaum-Hebert Report, after the names of its co-chairs - Louis Applebaum and Jacques Hebert. Their report was the first formal investigation into the state of Canadian culture since the report of the commission chaired by Vincent Massey in 1951, which had led to the foundation of the Canada Council in 1957. The essay indicates a sensitive awareness of the historical context in 1981, and a breadth of insight into current forms of cultural expression that goes well beyond the discipline of Economics. It is preserved and presented here because it was never formally presented as a Brief to the Applebaum-Hebert committee.
Subject: Policy
Type: Other
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/6212
Date: 1981-08

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