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    • At the grindin' of the cane (A Louisiana plantation paean). 

      Murphey, Clarence Waintwright [composer]; Stanton, Frank Lebby [lyricist] (Salisbury, N. C. : Murphey Music Company, 1911, 1911)
    • Do it now. 

      Van Alstyne, Egbert [composer]; Williams, Harry [lyricist] (New York : Jerome H. Remick, 1911, 1911)
    • Flippitty flop (and away she goes). 

      McCree, Junie [lyricist]; Von Tilzer, Albert [composer]; Jermon, Irene [performer] (New York : The York Music Co., 1910, 1910)
    • Four or five times 

      Gay, Byron [composer]; Hellman, Marco H. [lyricist]; Griffith, P. M. [graphic artist] (San Francisco : Sherman, Clay & Co., 1927., 1927)
    • Has anybody got a kiss to spare? 

      Kahn, Gus [lyricist]; Le Boy, Grace [composer]; Andra, Bess [performer] (Chicago : Will Rossiter, 1910, 1910)
    • How long has this been going on? 

      Gershwin, George [composer]; Gershwin, Ira [lyricist] (New York : New World Music Corporation, 1927., 1927)
    • I don't believe you. 

      Dillon, William A. [lyricist]; Von Tilzer, Harry [composer] (New York : Harry Von Tilzer, 1910, 1910)
    • I don't want your kisses 

      Linet, Hank [arranger]; Fisher, Fred [composer]; Broones, Martin [composer] (New York : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1929, 1929)
    • Kiss me my honey, kiss me. 

      Berlin, Irving [lyricist]; Snyder, Ted [composer]; Butler, Little Amy [performer] (New York : Ted Snyder Co. Music Publishers, 1910, 1910)

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