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    • Characterization Of The Electrodes Of DEP-Based Micro-Separator 

      Dalili, Arash; Taatizadeh, Erfan; Hoorfar, Mina (2018-05)
      In recent years, advances in lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices has led to separation, sorting and manipulation of cells and particles on miniaturized devices. Among the different mechanisms that have been used in this regard, ...
    • Multi-Objective Optimization During Machining Ti-6Al-4V Using Nano-Fluids 

      Hegab, Hussien; Abdelfattah, Waleed; Rahnamayan, Shahryar; Mohany, Atef; Kishawy, Hossam (CSME-SCGM, 2018-05)
      Several properties make titanium and its alloy the primary candidate to attain weight and functional advantages because of its promising properties such as high strength to weight ratio, high corrosion resistivity, and ...

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