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    • Thermal Management For Efficient Fast Refill Of Compressed Natural Gas 

      Lan, Aiqing; Li, Ri; Brinkerhoff, Joshua (CSME-SCGM, 2018-05)
      As an alternative fuel, compressed natural gas (CNG) plays an important role fueling transportation. Like driving other types of vehicles, drivers of CNG-powered vehicles prefer to refill on-board CNG tanks in a short time, ...
    • Thermal management of PQ transformer for a passively cooled power module 

      Dey, Anshuman; Shafiei, Navid; Khandekar, Rahul; Lau, Kevin; Eberle, Wilson; Li, Ri (CSME-SCGM, 2018-05)
      In this paper we study the thermal performance of a 5 kW rectifier module experimentally and numerically, with the aim of changing the cooling methodology from an active cooled (fan cooled) to a passively cooled system. ...

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