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    • Analytical heat conduction model of annular composite fins 

      Feng, Cheng; Ygeswaran, Subramaniam; Gibbons, Michael; Chandra, Sanjeev (2018-05)
      A two-dimensional analytical heat conduction model of an annular composite fin has been carried out. The composite fins composed of a porous polyethylene core, a square aluminum insert, and metallic zinc coating layers, ...
    • Composite Heat Sink LED Cooling 

      Gibbons, Michael; Feng, Chen; Chandra, Sanjeev (CSME-SCGM, 2018-05)
      Metal coating of 3D printed polymers is an attractive proposition for thermal dissipation of light emitting diodes, due to its high efficiency and markedly lower material costs than conventional aluminum heat sinks. Efficient ...

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