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    • Research designs considerations for chronic pain prevention clinical trials: IMMPACT recommendations 

      Gewandter, J.S.; Dworkin, R.H.; Turk, D.C.; Farrar, J.T.; Fillingim, R.G.; Gilron, I.; Markman, J.D.; Oaklander, A.L.; Polydefkis, M.J.; Raja, S.N.; Robinson, J.P.; Woolf, C.J.; Ziegler, D.; Ashburn, M.A.; Burkei, L.B.; Cerny, I.; Costello, A.; Cowan, P.; George, S.Z.; Goli, V.; Graff, O.X.; Iyengar, S.; Jayo, G.W.; Katz, J.; Kehlet, H.; Kitta, R.A.; Kopecky, E.; Malamut, R.; McDermott, M.P.; Palmer, P.; Peirce-Sander, S.; Porter, L.; Rappaport, B.A.; Rauschkolb, C.; Steigerwald, I.; Tobias, J.; Walco, G.A. (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2015-07)
      Although certain risk factors can identify individuals who aremost likely to develop chronic pain, few interventions to prevent chronic pain have been identified. To facilitate the identification of preventive interventions, ...

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