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    • Psychological correlates of fatigue: Examining depression, perfectionism, and automatic negative thoughts 

      Arpin-Cribbie, Chantal A.; Cribbie, Robert A. (Elsevier, 2007)
      This study investigated whether depression, perfectionism or automatic negative thoughts would correlate with the symptomatology of fatigue in a non-clinical population. A structural model was developed to determine if ...
    • Recommendations for applying tests of equivalence 

      Cribbie, Robert A.; Gruman, Jamie A.; Arpin-Cribbie, Chantal A. (Wiley, 2004)
      Researchers in psychology reliably select traditional null hypothesis significance tests (e.g., Student's t test), regardless of whether the research hypothesis relates to whether the group means are equivalent or whether ...
    • The effects of heteroscedasticity on tests of equivalence 

      Gruman, Jamie A.; Cribbie, Robert A.; Arpin-Cribbie, Chantal A. (Wayne State University Library System, 2007)
      Tests of equivalence, which are designed to assess the similarity of group means, are becoming more popular, yet very little is known about the statistical properties of these tests. Monte Carlo methods are used to compare ...

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