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Homeless Shelter Occupancy in Toronto

Homeless Shelter Occupancy in Toronto

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Title: Homeless Shelter Occupancy in Toronto
Author: Alibaksh, Khadija
Naghshbandi, Tamkin
Oteleanu, Maria
Al-Jameel, Mustafa
Xhaferraj, Marsiel
Abstract: The objective of this project has been to use GIS software and analytical skills to illustrate and assess the factors which contribute to the homeless shelter occupancy problem in Toronto. This will assist relevant organizations in their efforts to mitigate the issue. Using spatial analytical techniques, it was possible to determine the current status of homeless shelters in relation to the aforementioned factors. Additional GIS techniques that were used to assess the issue include network analysis, neighbourhood analysis and vector overlay; tools such as geoprocessing, union, intersect, clip, dissolve, etc.
Sponsor: Homeless Shelter Occupancy in Toronto - sponsored by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Subject: Geoprocessing
Homeless shelters
Status of women
Type: Undergraduate research paper
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10315/28312
Citation: ENVS 4520 Final Undergraduate Research Paper, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University
Date: 2014-04-10

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