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    • Confess the Gay Away? Media, Religion, and the Political Economy of Ex-Gay Therapy 

      Thorn, Michael Edward (2015-08-28)
      The “ex-gay” movement does not encourage people to pray the gay away but confess it away. As a loose organization of mostly Christian ministries and psychotherapy practices offering “freedom from homosexuality,” the movement ...
    • Drone Warfare and the Governing of Sacrifice 

      Baggiarini, Bianca Christina (2018-05-28)
      In this dissertation, I argue that drone warfare suggests a style of violence that always-already transcends the vulnerabilities of the citizen-soldier, burdening the relationship of citizen soldiering to sacrificial cults ...
    • For the Other, Beyond Ethics: Responsibility, Critique, and Praxis in Levinas and Adorno 

      Keikhaee, Aidin (2017-07-27)
      This dissertation grows out of the conviction that Emmanuel Levinas ethics and Theodor W. Adornos negative dialectics could supplement each other in mutually beneficial ways. While Levinas could provide an articulation of ...
    • Worth 

      Moaphi, Meelad (2020-05-11)
      Set in a remote Pakistani village, 'Worth' is a 13-minute fiction film about a poor widower who, due to an impending threat to his and his familys lives, decides to sell his infant son and use the money to escape with his ...

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