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    • Back to the Future in Acadian French 

      King, Ruth; Nadasdi, Terry (Cambridge University Press, 2003)
      Abstract - Our article presents a variationist analysis of future verb forms in Acadian French. The main variants considered are the inflected future (e.g. je partirai) and the periphrastic future (e.g. je vais partir). ...
    • First-person plural in Prince Edward Island Acadian French: The fate of the vernacular variant je...ons 

      King, Ruth; Nadasdi, Terry; Butler, Gary (Cambridge University Press, 2004)
      In Atlantic Canada Acadian communities, definite on is in competition with the traditional vernacular variant je . . . ons (e.g., on parle vs. je parlons “we speak”), with the latter variant stable only in isolated ...
    • Le mot juste en français albertain 

      Nadasdi, Terry; Keppie, Christina (Les Presses de Saint Boniface;, 2004)
      RESUME Cette etude presente une analyse variationniste des adverbes de restriction en francais albertain. Trois variantes sont examinees, a savoir, seulement, rien que et juste. Ces trois formes entrent en correlation ...

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