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    • Active Digital Preservation and Data/Metadata Migration 

      Estlund, Karen; Ruest, Nick (2017-04-04)
      Digital preservation activities increasingly focus on the movement of data and metadata between systems. This panel will present case studies in moving content through preservation activities with APTrust, the Digital ...
    • Building Successful, Open Repository Software Ecosystems: Technology and Community 

      Ruest, Nick; Mumma, Courtney; Fleming, Declan; Giarlo, Michael; Woods, Andrew (2014-06-10)
      Archivematica, AtoM (Access to Memory), Fedora, Hydra, and Islandora provide a set of functions which contribute to a diverse curation and repository ecosystem. They are also projects existing in a greater open source ...
    • Introduction to Islandora 

      Ruest, Nick; Stapelfeldt, Kirsta (2014-11-20)
      This presentation will offer an introduction to Islandora, an open-source Digital Asset Management platform, including the project’s purpose, architecture, history, functions, and community. The session will also demo ...
    • State of The CLAW Address 

      Ruest, Nick; Pino Navarro, Diego (2016-06-16)
      In the early winter of 2014/2015 the Islandora community began working on a project plan to create version of Islandora that would work with of Fedora 4. At OR2015, the team gave an update on what the project had achieved ...
    • Sustainability of Community-owned Repository Software: A Call to Action 

      Giarlo, Mike; Ruest, Nick; Anez, Melissa; Woods, Andrew (2017-04-04)
      Sustainability of open-source software is a continual challenge in the relatively small world of cultural heritage institutions. The challenge is amplified due to the critical preservation implications tied to institutional ...

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