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    • Artwork by JoAnn Purcell 

      Purcell, JoAnn (2017-05-15)
      JoAnn Purcell, Disability Daily Drawn, mixed media on paper, 4x4 inches, 2016. This project commenced May 2016 and began as an investigation into the experience of living beside disability, specifically as a mother ...
    • Artwork by Martha Newbigging 

      Newbigging, Martha (2017-05-15)
      Martha Newbigging, looking for queerness mixed media on paper, 16x24 inches, 2017 website: looking for queerness This work investigates how drawing autobiographical comics might enable me to ...
    • Lives at the End of the Line: Aging, Elegy, Comics, and Care 

      Venema, Kathleen (2017-05-15)
      In her introduction to Extraordinary Bodies, Rosemarie Garland Thomson adds, to a long list of the different forms disability might take, the observation that “everyone is subject to the gradually disabling process of ...
    • Reading Through the Doldrums: Engaging Adolescence Reparatively Through Contemporary Coming of Age Comic Texts 

      Miller, Michelle Marie (2015-12-16)
      In this dissertation, I explore the complicated emotional landscape of girls’ adolescence as represented in contemporary coming of age comic texts, to two ends. First, following the work of Eve Sedgwick, I seek to conduct ...

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