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    • Blended Learning Makes Customizable Learning a Reality 

      Adams, Jean; Hanesiak, Rita; Morgan, Gareth; Owston, Ronald; Lupshenyuk, Denys; Mills, Laura (2010)
      There is no single best, one-size-fits-all blended learning model for every organization or every employee when developing soft skills in the workplace. Instead, a ‘mass customization’ approach that honours the uniqueness ...
    • Does Workplace Bullying Affect Work Output? 

      Singh, Parbudyal; Samnani, Al-Karim; Ezzedeen, Souha (2014)
      Some forms of workplace bullying are hard to identify. It is important that young workers know what the different types of bullying are and how it can affect them. This paper gives details on types of bullying and how ...
    • Global Leadership Effectiveness: A European Perspective 

      Cernea, Minerva (2017)
      International companies often employ managers in cross-cultural contexts. A cross-cultural study was done to better understand how to increase the global leadership effectiveness of European international managers, when ...
    • People Who Punish or Reward Tend to Moralize Even Conventional Behaviour 

      Bell, Chris; Hughes-Jones, Justin (2008)
      Managers who have to reward or punish others may be prone to moralizing. This can create problems because it may make the manager less tolerant of errant behavior while others in the social group, who may be wary of ...
    • The Poor Performance of a Worker Can Impact the Whole Workplace 

      Struthers, Ward; Weiner, Bernard; Allred, Keith (2009)
      The reasons which workers come up with to explain the poor performance of a colleague can have a strong impact on how these workers interact with that colleague.
    • Queer and Trans Madness: Biomedical and Social Perspectives on Mental Distress 

      Pilling, Merrick Daniel (2015-08-28)
      Queer and trans people have a particularly fraught relationship to the concept of ‘mental illness’ due to the longstanding and ongoing pathologizing of gender and sexual dissidence. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and trans ...
    • Retribution Drives Our Decisions to Punish, but Punishment Is Not the Only Moral Choice 

      Bell, Chris; Rupp, Deborah E. (2008)
      When people decide to punish others, their choice is driven almost entirely by retribution. However, the decision not to punish, although often interpreted as self-interested or morally disinterested, may in fact be based ...
    • Understanding the Neoliberalization of Education Through Spaces of Labour Autonomy 

      Bocking, Paul (2018-05-28)
      In recent years K-12 school systems from New York to Mexico City to Toronto, serving vastly divergent students and communities, have been subject to strikingly similar waves of neoliberal policies by governments. A key ...

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