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    • Canada's HIV-Positive Youth Desperately Lack Services and Social Support 

      Flicker, Sarah; Skinner, Harvey; Read, Stanley; Veinot, Tiffany; McClelland, Alex; Saulnier, Paul; Goldberg, Eudice (2008)
      Young people living with HIV need greater support to minimize the barriers to their full participation in society.
    • Community-Based Discharge Planning Improves Health Services 

      Jensen, Elsabeth; Forchuk, Cheryl; Seymour, Bill; Chapman, Patty; Witcher, Penny; Davis, Amy (2011)
      Basing discharge services in the community has improved services for people transitioning out of an acute care mental healthcare facility. It has also reduced readmissions rates, curbing the demand for inpatient services ...
    • Improved Discharge Planning Will Help Put an End to Prison Revolving Door for the Homeless 

      Gaetz, Stephen; O'Grady, Bill (2008)
      The issue of homelessness and prisoner re-entry deserves more political attention. Almost every prisoner will eventually be released back into the community. Therefore, it is important to improve discharge planning and ...
    • The York Region Infrastructure Project: An Analysis of Human Services 

      Lo, Lucia; Anisef, Paul; Basu, Ranu; Preston, Valerie; Wang, Shuguang (2009)
      York Region requires a greater number of accessible human services to ensure social and economic integration of the region’s growing population.
    • Youth Homelessness in Canada 

      Evenson, Jeff; Barr, Carolann (2013)
      In order to reduce youth homelessness, a variety of services and stakeholders must work together to build stable, specific and uninterrupted supports for street-involved youth.

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