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    • Acquisition of the internal and external constraints of variable schwa deletion by French Immersion students 

      Uritescu, Dorin; Mougeon, Raymond; Rehner, Katherine; Nadasdi, Terry (Mouton de Gruyter, 2004)
      This article is one among a series of studies on the acquisition of patterns of linguistic variation observable in the speech of native speakers of Canadian French by French immersion (FI) students. The present study is ...
    • Agreeing to disagree: Variable subject-verb agreement in immersion French 

      Nadasdi, Terry (CAAL - ACLA - Association Canadienne de Linguistique Appliquee, 2001)
      The present study examines the variable presence/absence of third person plural marking on French verbs in the speech of French immersion students. The analysis considers both linguistic and social factors that condition ...
    • Emploi du "futur" dans le français parlé des élèves d'immersion française 

      Nadasdi, Terry; Mougeon, Raymond; Rehner, Katherine (Cambridge University Press - Copyright holder: Cambridge University Press - Http://, 2003)
      Notre étude porte sur l'acquisition des variantes du futur par les élèves d'immersion. Tous comme les locuteurs L1, ces élèves emploient trois variantes (le futur périphrastique; le futur fléchi et le présent de l'indicatif) ...
    • Living and working in immersion French 

      Nadasdi, Terry; McKinnie, Meghan (Cambridge University Press, 2003)
      Abstract -- Our study presents a variationist analysis of lexical variation in L2 immersion in French. Two variables are considered: a) words referring to remunerated work, e.g. travail; b) verbs used to indicate one's ...
    • Task outcomes: A focus on immersion students' use of pronominal verbs in their writing 

      Lapkin, Sharon; Swain, Merrill (CAAL - ACLA - Association Canadienne de Linguistique Appliquee, 2000)
      Grade eight French immersion students worked in pairs to complete one of two tasks (jigsaw or dictogloss) based on the same story, both involving the production of a written narrative. Before completing one of these tasks ...
    • What underlies immersion students' production: The case of avoir besoin de 

      Lapkin, Sharon; Swain, Merrill (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Inc.;, 2004)
      One of the advantages of having students work in pairs on language-related tasks is that teachers and researchers can listen to what the students say as they carry out their assigned tasks. What they say offers insights ...

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