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    • All I want to do : is to be with you. 

      Breen, May Singhi [arranger]; Donaldson, Walter [composer] (New York : Leo Feist Inc., 1926., 1926)
    • An Everyday Approach to Agritourism Production in Southern Ontario 

      Dupej, Susan Lynne (2016-09-20)
      This dissertation is a nuanced interpretation of the production of space in the context of agritourism in Southern Ontario. It uses everyday life as a theoretical framework to expand conceptualizations of tourism production ...
    • Back among the fields of golden grain. 

      Hanch, Richard R. [composer] (New York : Hamilton S. Gordon, 1907, 1907)
    • Birthday 

      Khademolreza, Atefeh (2019-11-22)
      BirthDay is a 28-minute experimental narrative film set in Toronto, following one day in the life of three immigrants: an Afghani woman, a Serbian man, and a Syrian boy who lives with his grandmother. Their lives are ...
    • Carolina rolling stone. 

      Young, Eleanor [composer]; Parish, Mitchell [lyricist]; Squires, Harry D. [composer] (New York : Joe MOrris Music Co., 1921., 1921)
    • Carry me back to my Carolina home 

      Silver, Abner [composer]; Davis, Benny [lyricist] (New York : M. Witmark & Sons, 1922., 1922)
    • The child's first grief 

      Hemans, Mrs. [lyricist]; Her [Mrs. Hemans] Sister [composer] (New York : William Hall & Son, [n.d.])
    • Daddy O'Mine 

      Capano, Frank [composer]; Breen, May Singhi [arranger]; Palmer, Eddie [composer]; Magaldi, John [composer]; Barbelle [graphic artist] (New York : Gene Austin Inc., 1929, 1929)
    • Daddy was a grand old man. 

      Fitzgibbon, Bert [lyricist]; Bennett, Leo [composer]; Comer, Imogene [performer] (New York : M. Witmark & Sons, 1910, 1910)
    • Daddy Won't You Please Come Home 

      Coslow, Sam [composer]; Barbelle [graphic artist] (New York : Spier and Coslow Inc., 1929., 1929)
    • Do they miss me at home? 

      Crannis, S. M. [composer] (Boston : Oliver Ditson, 1853, 1853)
    • Down on the farm. 

      Konter, Dick [arranger]; Dale, Billy [composer]; Parrott, Charles [composer]; Adams, Jimmy [composer]; Harrison, Harry [composer] (New York : Shapiro Bernstein & Co., 1923., 1923)
    • Driving home the cows from pasture. 

      Armstrong, Harry [composer]; Clark, Billy [lyricist] (New York : M. Witmark & Sons, 1911, 1911)
    • Family trouble blues. 

      Cobb, Olman J. [composer] (Chicago : Olman J. Cobb, 1922., 1922)
    • Father's allowed to see us twice a year. 

      Van Alstyne, Egbert [composer]; Williams, Harry [lyricist] (New York : Jerome H. Remick, 1911, 1911)
    • Fecunditas, Sterilitas, and the Politics of Reproduction at Rome 

      Hug, Angela Grace (2015-08-28)
      This dissertation is a cultural history of the role of human fertility – fecunditas – in Ancient Roman society c. 200 B.C. – A.D. 250. I ask how the Romans chose to understand human fertility, how they sought to preserve ...
    • Her old fashioned homestead on the hill. 

      Donahue, John J. [composer]; Jones, Harry F. [performer] (Boston, Mass. : John J. Donahue, 1910, 1910)
    • I think of home and mother when its Christmas time. 

      Daniels, Charles N. (Charles Neil) [composer]; Jones, Earle C. [lyricist] (New York : Jerome H. Remick and Co., 1911, 1911)
    • I want a girl [just like the girl that married dear old dad] 

      Dillon, William [lyricist]; Von Tilzer, Harry [composer] (New York : Vogel Music Co. Inc., 1911, 1911)
    • I'll always be mother's boy 

      Downey, Morton [performer]; Breen, May Singhi [arranger]; Feinberg, Paul [arranger]; Green, Bud [composer]; Stept, Sam H. [composer]; Lane, Pud [graphic artist] (New York City : Green & Stept Inc., 1929., 1929)

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