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    • Age Estimation from Children's Faces 

      Harrington, Alexandra Elizabeth (2015-08-28)
      In this thesis, we addressed the question of whether or not people could estimate age from children’s faces 7 to 11 years of age. We found that undergraduates were able to make accurate relative age judgments for males and ...
    • The Accuracy and Stability of Body Representation 

      D'amour, Sarah Anne Olwen (2021-03-08)
      How we perceive our bodies and how the body is represented in the brain is not yet fully understood. We need accurate information about our bodies in order to interpret and react to sensory information that is constantly ...
    • Who's sorry now? An Investigation of How Gender Shapes the Appearance and Judgment of Apologetic Faces 

      George, Meghan Louise (2021-03-08)
      Research suggests that successful apologies include key verbal components such as admitting responsibility and asking for forgiveness. However, there is limited research examining the nonverbal aspects of apology and ...