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    • Comparing Scholars Portal & ebrary e-book platforms: OLA Conference 2010 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2010-02-27)
      The academic community at York University will be accessing e-books from different publishers using a common platform. This Scholars Portal initiative is the basis of a research study to understand uptake of e-books by ...
    • E-Books in the Academic Environment: An Update: UfT Chemistry Librarians 2008 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2008-06-03)
      As Canadian universities spend an increasing amount of budget for purchasing/leasing e-books from content providers librarians we need to understand issues related to findability and accessibility of e-books. They also ...
    • E-books in the Sciences: Gauging Faculty and Graduate Students Needs: SLA 2009 Paper 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2009-06-15)
      Canadian Universities are diverting an increasing amount of their budget to acquire e-books. E-books in pure and applied sciences are available from different content providers and publishers. The academic community at ...
    • E-Books in the Sciences: If We Buy It Will They Use It? 

      Nariani, Rajiv (Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, ACRL, Science and Technology Section, 2009-12)
      York University, Toronto, Canada has been acquiring e-books from different publishers and content providers. We conducted an online e-book survey in Fall 2008 to gather responses from science graduate students and faculty ...
    • E-books in the Sciences: SLA 2009 Presentation 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2009-06-15)
      The results of the e-book survey are summarized below. Details of the results are in the presentation. 1. High level of interest in e-books amongst graduate students: - Graduate students have used some form of e-book ...

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