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    • Aggressive Media Leads to Aggressive Dating 

      Connolly, Jennifer; Friedlander, Laura; Pepler, Debra; Craig, Wendy; Laporte, Lise (2010)
      TV shows, movies, and other forms of media that depict aggressive behaviours can lead to dating aggression among youth. Teenagers who are ethnic minorities are especially at risk.
    • Dating Aggression Is a Global Problem Among Teens 

      Connolly, Jennifer; Nocentini, Annalaura; Menesini, Ersilia; Pepler, Debra; Craig, Wendy; Williams, Tricia S. (2010)
      Dating aggression is a global problem among teenagers. International efforts need to focus on prevention.
    • Do Welfare Reforms Make Abused Women Safer? 

      Mosher, Janet; Evans, Patricia M.; Little, Margaret (2007)
      Welfare reforms over the last decade have sustained, and even enhanced, the power of abusive men.
    • Domestic Violence Is Widespread in Guyana 

      Peake, Linda; Staeheli, Lynn A.; Kofman, Eleonore (2008)
      Domestic violence is a widespread part of everyday life in Guyana. Although the vast majority of abusers are men, women also engage in violence, especially when they have power over vulnerable people such as children and ...
    • People That Are Abused by Their Family Members Need Specialized Treatments to Cope with Their Trauma 

      Muller, Robert (2011)
      People who have experienced abuse by a family member have a hard time confronting these experiences in the future. Effective therapy requires the patient to bring up their painful experiences and also recognize that it was ...
    • Stress of Immigration Can Be a Risk Factor for Child Abuse 

      Maiter, Sarah; Stalker, Carol; Alaggia, Ramona (2010)
      Immigrant families that come into contact with the child welfare system face a number of challenges: loneliness, financial struggles, language struggles, struggles to provide for the family, and a sense of betrayal and ...
    • To Leave With You 

      Williams, Alexander Abu Daniel Sawma (2019-03-05)
      To Leave with You is a documentary journey between mother and son, examining the reverberations of four years of intimate partner violence over the following fifty years. In 1967, my mother was drawn to a highly intelligent ...
    • Transnational Divorce: The Violation of Immigrant Japanese Mothers' Rights an the Hague Abduction Convention 

      Noguchi, Hiromi (2015-08-28)
      As a counterpoint to existing discussions of how Western fathers’ rights can be secured in the context of transnational divorce, this study raises the important question of how immigrant Japanese mothers’ fundamental rights ...
    • What Is the Relationship between Domestic Violence and Dowry? 

      Srinivasan, Sharada; Bedi, Arjun S. (2010)
      Dowry is one of the reasons that daughters are viewed as burdensome in countries like India. At the same time, access to and control over their dowries (and other forms of assets including land) can play a significant role ...

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