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    • 12th Street rag. 

      Bowman, Euday L. (Euday Louis) [composer]; Sumner, James S. [lyricist] (Kansas City : J. W. Jenkins Sons Music Co., [c1929]., [c1929])
    • 12th street rag. 

      Bowman, Euday L. (Euday Louis) [composer]; Sumner, James S. [lyricist] (Kansas City : J. W. Jenkin's Sons Music Co., 1919, 1919)
    • Adam and Eve had a wonderful time. 

      Gumble, Albert [composer]; Brown, A. Seymour [lyricist] (New York : Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1913, 1913)
    • Alabama stomp. 

      Linet, Hank [arranger]; Johnson, Jimmy [composer]; Creamer, Henry [lyricist] (New York : Robbins-Engel Inc., 1926., 1926)
    • The Audience Focus: An Analysis of Audience Inclusion as a Methodolgy for Creating Contemporary Choreography 

      Gianforcaro, Patrizia Antonella (2014-07-09)
      This extended analysis essay investigates audience inclusion in contemporary dance, both during the creation process and in performance. The essay argues that this methodology is effective in furthering audience engagement ...
    • Ballet Pedagogy as Kinesthetic Collaboration: Exploring Kinesthetic Dialogue in an Embodied Student-Teacher Relationship 

      Berg, Tanya Christa (2016-11-25)
      The twenty-first century ballet class often retains traditional organization, beginning with the barre work, continuing with the centre practice, adage, pirouettes, and allegro. However, the pedagogical demands on teachers ...
    • Ballin' the Jack. 

      Fountain, Pete [performer]; Smith, Chris [composer]; Burris, Jim [lyricist] (New York : Edward B. Marks Music Corporation, 1940, 1940)
    • Ballin' the Jack. 

      Smith, Chris [composer]; Burris, Jim [lyricist] (New York : Edward B. Marks Music Corporation, 1940, 1940)
    • Ballin' the Jack. 

      Jones, Jonah [performer]; Smith, Chris [composer]; Burris, Jim [lyricist] (New York : Edward B. Marks Music, 1940, 1940)
    • Ballin' the jack. 

      Smith, Chris [composer]; Burris, Jim [lyricist] (New York : Jos W. Stern & Co., 1913, 1913)
    • Between Species: Choreographing Human and Nonhuman Bodies 

      Osborn, Jonathan Mark (2019-11-22)
      BETWEEN SPECIES: CHOREOGRAPHING HUMAN AND NONHUMAN BODIES is a dissertation project informed by practice-led and practice-based modes of engagement, which approaches the space of the zoo as a multi-species, choreographic, ...
    • Body-Draping: Using Costume and Movement as Choreographic Tools in the Creative Process and Choreographic Outcomes 

      Harvey, Sharon C. (2015-08-28)
      Costuming is an invaluable tool in visual communication and for setting the mood of the story for an audience. This extended essay is about using costumes and movement as choreographic tools in the creative process and ...
    • Bottoms up 

      Friend, Cliff [composer]; Saville, Victor [composer] (New York : Harms, 1929., 1929)
    • Bounce. 

      Livingston, Jay [composer]; Evans, Ray [lyricist] (New York : Broadcast Music, Inc., 1940, 1940)
    • Breakaway 

      Weiss, Joseph M. [arranger]; Conrad, Con [composer]; Mitchell, Sidney D. [composer]; Gottler, Archie [composer] (New York : De Sylva, Brown and Henderson, Inc., 1929., 1929)
    • The Calinda 

      Hupfeld, Herman [composer] (New York : Harms Inc., 1927., 1927)
    • The Call of Life 

      MacDonald, Jeanette [performer]; Eddy, Nelson [performer]; Coward, Noel [performer]; IM-HO (Graphic artists) (New York : Harms, 1929., 1929)
    • Calypso: Tradition and Creativity 

      Barrett, Collin Andrew (2016-09-20)
      In this thesis, I will research the history of calypso music from the early origins to present times with an emphasis on form and structure, melodic shape and line, textural energy, instrumentation, and various other ...
    • Choreographic Research Combining Contact Improvisation and the Alexander Technique: Somatic, Practice-Based-Research, and Ethnographic Inquiry 

      Liska, Suzanne Ruth (2017-07-27)
      Somatic practices, practice-based-research (PBR) and ethnography contextualize this choreographic research that moves from the studio/stage to the desk. My project investigates how integrating the Alexander Technique (AT) ...
    • Cinderella blues. 

      Wiedoeft, Herb [composer]; Spencer, Norman [composer] (New York : Jack Mills Inc., 1924., 1924)

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