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    • The zam-buk march 

      Watson, J. Michael [composer] (Toronto, Ontario : The Zam-Buk Co., 1910., 1910)
    • Zampa quadrilles. 

      Brown, Francis H. (Francis Henry) [composer] (New York : Firth, Pond & Co., 1840, 1840)
    • Zen in the Art of Drumming: Jim Blackley and His Influence on the Jazz Drummers of Canada 

      Iannuzzi, Giuseppe (2019-07-02)
      The objective of this thesis is to examine how the pedagogy of Jim Blackley (1927- 2017) the late Scottish-Canadian jazz drummer and educator influenced several generations of Canadian jazz drummers. Blackleys seminal ...
    • Zilpha Elaw, Virginia Broughton, and Lessons on Illness and the Power of Spiritual Healing 

      Carter, Tomeika Ashford (2017-05-15)
      Zilpha Elaw was an itinerant preacher in the African Methodist Episcopal church who wrote an autobiography about her spiritual experiences. Her encounters with the godhead were kariotic in nature: they offered decisive ...
    • Zintl ions within framework channels: the complex structure and low-temperature transport properties of Na4Ge13 

      Zeng, Tao; Stefanoski, Stevce; Finklestein, Gregory J.; Ward, Matthew D.; Wei, Kaya; Bullock, Emma S.; Beavers, Christine M.; Liu, Hanyu; Nolas, George; Strobel, Timothy (American Chemical Society, 2018)
      Single crystals of a complex Zintl compound with the composition Na4Ge13 were synthesized for the first time using a high-pressure/high-temperature approach. Single-crystal diffraction of synchrotron radiation revealed a ...
    • "Zis" for you, "Zat" for you! 

      Fisher, Fred [composer]; Rice, Andy [lyricist] (New York : Leo Feist Inc., 1914, 1914)
    • ZIZ 

      Feltman, Alfred [composer]; Paull, E. T. [arranger]; A. Hoen & Co. (New York : E.T.Paull Music Publishing, 1907., 1907)
    • Zoma. 

      Litchfield, Edward H. (Edward Harold) [composer] (New York : Geo A. Friedman, Inc., 1920, 1920)
    • Zoma. 

      Litchfield, E.S. [composer] (New York : Geo A. Friedman, Inc., 1920., 1920)
    • Zona 

      Shay, Jerome [composer]; Herman, Al [lyricist]; Starmer [graphic artist] (New York : Fred G. Heberlein & Co., 1911., 1911)
    • Zones de contact: nouveaux regards sur la littérature anglo-québécoise 

      Leclerc, Catherine; Simon, Sherry (Université du Québec à Montréal, 2005)
    • Zoo Story (2012) 

      Albee, Edward (Glendon College Creative Writing and Dramatic Arts Program, 2012-01-25)
      Archival file for the Glendon College production of Edward ALbee`s Zoo Story directed by Ingrid Pleitez. The play was performed January 25th - 28th, 2012.
    • Zoom Reading As A Multi-Dimensional Media Literacy: A Qualitative Media Study With Youth in Rural Ontario 

      Tremblay, Taunya Rose (2015-08-28)
      In this dissertation, I develop and study an original approach to media education I call “Zoom Reading”. This approach offers a critique of, and supplement to, the current Ontario media literacy curriculum by suggesting ...
    • Zu zu rag. 

      Mac Carthy, Hector [arranger]; Fischler, Max E. [composer] (New York : The John Franklin Music Co., 1916., 1916)
    • Zudora. 

      Shannon, J. R. (James Royce) [composer] (Chicago : F.J.A. Forster Music Publisher, 1914, 1914)
    • "Zwartje", "Flight of Delight" and "Chikai": Borrowed Names for Animals in Sweden 

      Leibring, Katharina (York University, 2009)
      This paper deals, from a Swedish point of view, with names for domestic animals that have been borrowed from other language areas and other cultures during the last two or three centuries. There are several different ...

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