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    • My window of dreams 

      Politzer, Irving [graphic artist]; Klenner, John [composer]; Bryan, Alfred [lyricist] (New York, N.Y. : Spier & Coslow, 1928., 1928)
    • My Yankee Doodle girl 

      Stuart, Leslie [composer]; Blossom, Henry [lyricist]; Gunn, Archie [graphic artist]; Janis, Elsie [performer] (New York : Chappell & Co. Ltd., 1910., 1910)
    • My Yiddisha Mammy. 

      Gerber, Alex [composer]; Schwartz, Jean [composer] (New York : M. Witmark & Sons, 1922., 1922)
    • My Zulu prince 

      Lohmeyer, J. R. [composer]; Magruder, Dr. J. W. [lyricist] (Chicago : Anderson Bros., 1899, 1899)
    • My! My! 

      Rochester [performer]; Terry, George N. [arranger]; McHugh, Jimmy [composer]; Loesser, Frank [lyricist] (New York : Famous Music Corporation, 1940, 1940)
    • My! Oh, my! 

      Gordon, Mack [composer]; Revel, Harry [composer]; Lane, Pud [graphic artist] (New York : De Sylva, Brown & Henderson Inc., 1933., 1933)
    • My, what a funny little world this is. 

      Lewis and Bennett [composer] (New York : Jos. W. Stern & Co., 1910, 1910)
    • Mylo. 

      Strathdee, Jack [composer] (New York : Fred Fisher Inc., 1922., 1922)
    • Mynah Bird : topless folk singer 

      Unknown author (1967-12-19)
    • Mynah Bird : Topless Folk Singer, Wyche 

      Richard Cole (1967-12-19)
    • Myrella. 

      Berniaux, D. [composer]; MacDonald, Ballard [lyricist] (New York : Jos. W. Stern & Co., 1909., 1909)
    • Mystic beauty 

      Finck, Herman [composer] (London, England : Hawkes & Son : New York : Jos.W. Stern, 1912., 1912)
    • Mystic night. 

      Lampe, J. Dell (Joseph Dell) [arranger]; Whitestone, Louis J. [composer]; Braham, Horace [lyricist] (New York : Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1922, 1922)
    • The Myth of the Inkarri: Colonial Foundations in International Law and Indigenous Struggles 

      Cirkovic, Elena (YCISS, 2006-04)
      This paper questions whether the established human rights discourse can serve as a strategic tool for indigenous peoples, or if it is in fact working to delegitimize indigenous discourses and worldviews. Its exploration ...
    • Mythologizing a 'Zone City': Urban Fantasies of and in Songdo, South Korea 

      Posner, Simon Dennis (2016-09-20)
      Songdo is a city built within Koreas first Free Economic Zone (FEZ). The city has become imbued with three distinct yet interrelated fantasies a grand state project envisioned to guide the country towards modernity; a ...
    • N-lkwkw-min: Remembering the Fur Trade in the Columbia River Plateau 

      Nation-Knapper, Stacy Jo (2016-09-20)
      This dissertation answers the question of how and why the history of the fur trade in the Columbia River Plateau is understood in the ways in which it is. It examines the construction of memory and commemorations of the ...
    • Nachbenennungsnamen im Berner Namengut 

      Fetzer, This Michel (York University, 2009)
      Der Beitrag untersucht Nachbenennungsnamen im deutschsprachigen Teil des Schweizer Kantons Bern als bewusste Benennungen mit Namen aus dem Onomastikon des Benenners, also als Homonyme bestehender Namen. Die Analyse zeigt, ...
    • Nadia 

      Wachs, Paul [composer] (Boston, Massachusetts : Boston Music Co., 1909., 1909)
    • NAFTA - The Politics Behind Drug Production 

      Mohamed, Faisal Ali (2018-02-16)
      In the year 1993, the Canadian federal government ratified the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), with the ostensible purpose of improving trade relations and economic prosperity for the country. For ratification ...

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